Business Cloud Essentials Webinar: 4th December 2019

Join us for Advanced Business Cloud Essentials free Webinar on 4th December about ‘How to Increase Profits and Exceed Customer Expectations’.

A recent survey, in partnership with Manufacturing Management, highlighted that 61% of UK manufacturers are introducing new technologies to gain productivity. With productivity, comes profit. Learn how you can be part of the 61% that are staying ahead of the game and maintaining customer satisfaction with their seamless approach to work.

Why should I attend?

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how you can reduce paper and admin work, allowing you to increase productivity and profit.
  • Discover how you can worry less about finances – understand what is coming down the line and know where your money is.
  • Learn how and why customer norms and expectations are constantly changing, and how to keep up with their demands.

The webinar will run from 3pm – 4pm GMT on Wednesday 4th December 2019 and you will receive a full copy of the Manufacturing & Advanced research survey.

Register for the webinar here.