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Pegasus Opera

Pegasus Opera 3 is a comprehensive business solution that eliminates the need for separate finance, payroll, CRM, or service/helpdesk systems.

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The Pegasus Opera SQL SE software is built on the Microsoft SQL Server platform, offering robust data management and security features.

What is Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE?

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Pegasus Opera SQL SE, an award-winning accounting software, gives you complete control of your business and processes with integrated tools and applications. It is a modular solution, so you can buy what you need when you need it, and it is tailored to suit your business needs while remaining scalable for future growth. In areas like financials, supply chain management, payroll, and business intelligence, Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE offers unbeatable interdepartmental integration and knowledge sharing.  Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE provides a unified view to everyone in your organisation. It can also keep any mobile workforce in the loop using web browser applications, PDAs, and other remote tools such as the Pegasus Web Xchange

Features of Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE

Financial Management Capabilities

The key feature of Pegasus Opera 3 SQLSE is its financial management capabilities. The Opera accounting software includes modules for accounting, sales, purchases, inventory management, general ledger, and financial reporting. This allows businesses to easily track their financial performance and make informed decisions about their operations.

Flexible purchasing with Pegasus
Opera 3 a great investment

(CRM) Capabilities

Another useful feature of the Pegasus Opera SQL SE is its customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. The optional contact management module lets businesses track their customers, vendors, and suppliers. It also includes a sales management module that allows businesses to track leads, opportunities, and sales. This helps businesses to improve their customer relationships and increase their sales.

Production, Project & Inventory Management

In addition to its financial and CRM capabilities, Opera 3 SQL SE also includes a number of other modules that can help businesses manage their operations. These include production, project and inventory management modules and a payroll/HR module that can help businesses manage their employees’ pay and benefits.

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What are the benefits of Pegasus Opera software?

Installing or upgrading to Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE makes good business sense

Benefits include a flexible and customisable solution, scalability over time, flexible purchasing options, MTD compliance, seamless upgrade, and harnessing the power of Microsoft’s SQL server platform.

Flexible purchasing with Pegasus

Why use Pegasus Opera 3?

Opera 3 a great investment

Improve Performance & Drive Growth.

Overall, Pegasus Opera 3 SQLSE is a powerful business management software that supports businesses in managing their financial and operational tasks. With its financial management, CRM, and operational management capabilities, as well as its ease of use and security features, Opera3 SQL SE can help businesses improve their performance and drive growth.


Flexible and customisable solution

Flexible and customisable. Pegasus Opera 3 offers you the flexibility to hand-pick the applications you need, rather than forcing you to purchase ‘bundles’ you don’t.

“Opera 3 has been one of the best investments we have made. Instead of having vital business information hidden away in the financial system, we are now able to analyse it to see the bigger business performance picture.”

Shaun Tobin, Managing Director, Seawhite of Brighton.

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Pegasus Opera 3 support with Perrywell

As an accredited Pegasus Partner, we provide Pegasus Opera 3 support to companies like yours. We’ll work with you to capture your requirements, analyse problems, manage change, and rapidly implement Opera 3 SQL SE, providing face-to-face advice, support, and training every step of the way.

Based on the Warwickshire / Worcestershire border, we are one of the Midlands’ longest-standing IT services providers, specialising in Pegasus Opera 3.

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