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IT Support Warwickshire

IT Support for Warwickshire-based companies is available from Perrywell, where we can advise and help with all areas of your IT systems.

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Reactive and Proactive Support

We offer a wide range of IT Support for Warwickshire businesses, including the following:

  • Server, PC and Printer Maintenance

  • Desktop Support and Management Services

  • Recovery and network support services

These services are available across Warwickshire, providing IT support for Stratford, Alcester, and other Warwickshire-based businesses. As part of this, we provide clients with proactive daily health checks. You can trust that any difficulties will be addressed by us before they become serious concerns.

They provide:

  • Backup Complete Checks – verifies that your backups are functioning correctly and taking the right files.
  • Anti-virus Pattern File Checks – ensures your anti-virus is always up to date and working the way it should be.
  • A Disk Consumption Rate Check – informs you when you have low disk space.
  • An Exchange Information Store Size Check – To ensure you don’t run into the pre-determined limit
  • Disk Health Checks – Monitors the condition of your disks and notifies you if they are approaching failure.
  • Critical Event Reporting – So we can get a quick overview of your most important events in one easy-to-understand report.

We will contact you as soon as possible if there is an issue so that we may advise and arrange the required action.

Remote support

We can provide remote assistance at Perrywell, in addition to the services mentioned above. Our certified IT experts may access and manage your computer device from anywhere using remote support, allowing you to complete routine maintenance, upgrades, and software installations as well as help with technological difficulties and basic troubleshooting questions away from the office – ideal for home working and multi-site operations.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can assist your business needs through our IT Support in Warwickshire.

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