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Get specialist guidance with issues resolved quickly and easily using remote support.

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Remote Support

With remote support, if you have a software support contract with us, we may be able to resolve your problem quickly and easily.

Using our tools and software, our IT specialists are able to view and control your computer device remotely. This allows them to perform activities such as general maintenance, updates and software installations as well as supporting with any technical issues and general troubleshooting queries. By accessing your computer device remotely, the IT specialist can quickly identify any problems that are present and have these resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

For remote support, please call our support team on 01789 774084. You will then be issued with a PIN code to access support, which can be entered in the box below:

Remote Support FAQs

What does remote support mean?

When your business experiences technology issues, system failures or device issues, a company can be employed to support either onsite (in the office) or they can access your computers and devices remotely using software. This ‘remote support’ is what is offered by Perrywell. Our remote access software and technology enables you to gain on-demand support and access to expertise with speedy response times and can help your business decrease the amount of time needed to resolve issues, avoid disruption to productivity, reduce costs and retain customer satisfaction.

What Software does Perrywell use?

Perrywell use SolarWinds Take Control Plus for providing remote support. Take Control is engineered to provide both fast connection speeds and sharp diagnostic tools, helping our technicians to resolve your issues quickly. 

How do you access a large number of computers at once?

At Perrywell, we can generate multiple PINs at once and connect to multiple PCs at the same time. Once you have received your support pin, you will be directed to download software on your computer systems that need to be accessed, so as long as this software is downloaded on all affected computers, we will be able to access them.

When providing Remote Support, what Security or privacy measures are taken?

Our software provider SolarWinds take security very seriously. SolarWinds Take Control is built with security in mind to enable Perrywell to protect your data. From robust encryption to two-factor authentication to automatic clipboard deletions after sessions, Take Control is designed to provide the secure remote support you need. In addition to this, the customer can also see at all times what we are doing.

How long does it usually take to resolve issues?

On average it takes us 15 minutes to resolve issues remotely. Of all the sessions since we’ve been using the SolarWinds software, we’ve spent over 2500 hours supporting and fixing problems for customers. We do also use the software for training purposes too.

Remote support or bringing someone into your office: which should you choose?

When faced with network and technology issues, you have two choices – either you can bring someone into the office to analyse and resolve the problems on-site, or they can access your computers remotely and fix the issues offsite.

There are benefits of using remote support rather than bringing someone in, and these include:

  • Not having someone physically in the office which can hamper productivity
  • Staff working from home or in more than one location can all be supported
  • Can work out cheaper when not having to pay travel costs, etc
  • Support can be offered out of hours
  • Support can often be provided quicker than having to wait for someone to come out

For remote support, please call our support team on 01789 774084. You will then be issued with a PIN code to access support, which can be entered in the box further up the page.

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