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Backup and Disaster Recovery

With an increased dependency on business data, any serious loss of data could be a disaster.

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Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

When we talk of disasters, we traditionally think of fires and floods. However, with an increased dependency on business data, any serious loss of data could be a disaster. A cloud-based disaster recovery system can help protect against some of the most common disasters that can affect companies, such as hardware failure, theft, malicious damage and ransomware. Loss of data affects productivity, customer service and staff morale.

Traditional disk and tape backups require daily user action and only run once a day. Failure to change media, hardware and media failure, and infrequent backups means the potential for data loss remains inextricably high. Increased data volumes also render traditional media backups insufficient and expensive.

At Perrywell, our Managed Backup Services and Disaster Recovery Solutions are designed specifically for Small to Medium-sized businesses to both automate and increase backup frequency and provide full onsite data replication to a secure local data centre.

We can back up your complete company data every hour and keep and maintain an up-to-date snapshot of your server image to significantly reduce downtime in a major service failure or disaster recovery situation.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

The Backup

  • Hourly automated full backups of server systems and all data

  • System backup automatically replicated to secure offsite data centre – every two hours

  • Up to 6 months of offsite data retention

  • Fully automated, monitored and managed backup services

Disaster Recovery

  • Multiple loan servers held at a data centre
  • Rapid deployment of loan serer and restored system/data – within 24 hours


  • All backup data is fully encrypted
  • Simple monthly billing – cost includes fully maintained onsite backup hardware and software
  • No additional charges for data restoration and/or disaster recovery solutions loan
  • Minimum 12-month contract
  • Includes unlimited support and ongoing monitoring

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