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IT Support 

We provide a range of IT support services to cover all aspects of your IT systems.

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Reactive and Proactive Support

From a single point of contact we can offer your business a full range of reactive services including:

  • Hardware Maintenance for Servers, PCs and Printers

  • Desktop Support and Management Services

  • Network Support and Recovery Services

We provide proactive daily health checks with our IT Support for businesses. The Daily Health Checks are a start-of-day sweep that finds minor issues early, allowing us to repair them before they become major problems.

  • Backup Complete Checks – ensures data is kept safe and secure
  • Anti-virus Pattern File Checks – makes sure your antivirus up to date and operating properly.
  • A Disk Consumption Rate Check – helps us see if there is something taking up disk space
  • An Exchange Information Store Size Check – to ensure you do not exceed the pre-determined limit
  • Disk Health Checks – identifies disk warnings before there is a crash
  • Critical Event Reporting – lets us view your most important events in a single document for quick access.

We will contact you as soon as possible if anything goes wrong, and we’ll assist you with whatever is necessary to fix the problem.

Remote support

As well as all of the services mentioned above, Perrywell can provide remote support. Remote support allows our IT experts to view and manage your computer device remotely, allowing for things such as routine maintenance, updates, and software installations. Perfect for homeworking and multi-site offices, remote assistance allows activities such as basic maintenance, updates, and software installations.

Get in touch and speak to our friendly team about our IT support

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