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Cyber Security

We offer a range of Cyber Security solutions to protect your users and business from the very latest Internet-based threats.

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Cyber Security

It is without doubt that connected technology and the Internet has provided huge productivity benefits to virtually every business.  With those benefits comes a great deal of risk, with Cyber Security threats becoming an ever-greater challenge from those wishing to exploit weak security, user apathy and technical inexperience.

We supply and support a range of security services and products designed to manage and mitigate the risk of infection, exploitation or corruption of your most valuable data asset. In addition to deploying leading edge security products, we can also provide consultancy and training to ensure your business and users use best practices to further reduce the threat.

Internet Security

We offer a range of solutions to protect your users and business from the very latest Internet based threats. Whether it is a single PC, or multi site network, Internet security is a major concern.  We offer a range of solutions to protect both the users and your infrastructure from the very latest threats including:

  • Viruses and MalWare
  • Email Spam
  • Hacking Attacks
  • Trojans and Worms

In addition to standard threat based protection, we can also provide solutions to manage web access and content for stronger security and control of web surfing. By managing web access you will:

  • Block malicious sites to keep your network protected from risky web content
  • Conserve network bandwidth
  • Prevent legal liability from inappropriate content
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Guard the network against malicious attacks from rogue websites
Internet security

The Email Laundry

Email Is Your Company’s Biggest Vulnerability

  • 91% of successful attacks begin with a phishing email
  • Losses from targeted CEO fraud attacks are growing over 300% year on year
  • 46% of all ransomware attacks originated from email
  • Every year 75% of companies suffer from loss of access to email

In the vast majority of cases, the activation of digital attacks is completely accidental and simply caused by someone opening the wrong email. An email that would have never landed in their inbox with the right security

The Email laundry

The Email Laundry Is the Leading Cloud-Based Email Security Service

No Hardware, No Software, No Maintenance, No Hassle

Here are some of the features we employ to keep your emails – and your company – safe from attack:

  • Stop all known viruses
  • Capture over 99.99% of spam with zero false positives
  • Provide phishing protection against emails with malicious web links
  • Includes URL scanning to identify threats
  • CEO fraud and ransomware protection
Cloud-Based Email Security Service

SentinelOne endpoint detection and response

Did you know:

  • There are approximately 300 new malware viruses created every day
  • 82% of all cyber-attacks are not discovered with traditional Antivirus solutions
  • It is no longer IF a breach is going to happen but rather WHEN

To offset the ever-increasing threat, Perrywell is now offering our customers an alternative cyber security solution; SentinelOne endpoint detection and response. 

Endpoint detection and response solution

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