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IT Support Services

We provide the highest quality IT support services to companies of all sizes throughout the region.

We provide a range of support services to cover all aspects of your IT systems. From a single point of contact we can offer your business a full range of IT support services including:


  • Hardware Maintenance for Servers, PCs and Printers
  • Desktop Support and Management Services
  • Network Support and Recovery Services
  • Microsoft Operating System Support
  • Sage and Pegasus Applications Support
  • Microsoft Office Support


In addition to our reactive support, we also offer a proactive daily health check service.


The Daily Health Checks are a start-of-day sweep that spots small problems early so that we can fix them before they become big problems. They provide:


  • Backup Complete Checks - to ensure data is protected
  • Anti-virus Pattern File Checks - to make sure they're right up-to-date
  • A Disk Consumption Rate Check - to spot if something's eating disk space
  • An Exchange Information Store Size Check - to ensure you don't crash into the pre-set limit
  • Disk Health Checks - to look for disk warnings before a crash
  • Critical Event Reporting - so we can easily view your critical events in one simple report


We will alert you immediately if there is a problem and advise/arrange the necessary action to resolve the issue.