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Perrywell Mail Protection

The Perrywell Mail Protection is a comprehensive business email anti-spam and antivirus solution that uses various award-winning anti-spam technologies and multiple antivirus scanning engines, to protect your network against email-borne attacks without administrator intervention.

Benefit from the following Perrywell Mail Protection capabilities:


  • Catches 99% of spam emails
  • Uses 12+ anti-spam methods including greylisting, support for the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), directory harvest protection, DNS Blocklists (DNSBLs) and Bayesian filtering
  • Checks the links in emails against a continuously updated database of known phishing links to block phishing emails
  • Technology to decrease false positives including functionality to automatically add outgoing email recipients to your whitelist
  • Effortless management of quarantined spam emails with the option of giving end users access to review and delete or release their own emails


Perrywell Mail Protection is also a top-grade email security solution, offering the following features:


  • Virus checking with multiple antivirus scanning engines
  • Email Exploit Engine and Trojan and Executable Scanner
  • HTML Sanitizer
  • Decompression engine which checks archives for malicious tricks
  • User-based keyword and attachment filtering
  • Content filtering based on regular expressions