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KC National Insurance Numbers

Introduction of 'KC' as a prefix for National Insurance Numbers and Pegasus Opera

MHRC have recently introduced ‘KC' as a new prefix for National Insurance numbers. This change was not given within the HMRC specification for the payroll for this year thus as a result it is not included in Pegasus Opera 3 or Opera II. It is also not catered for by the Government Gateway itself. The payroll will not accept NI numbers with KC prefix and FPS submissions containing these NI numbers are currently being rejected.


Until this issue is resolved, HMRC guidance to employers is to not enter NI numbers with the KC prefix into their payroll systems.


Pegasus are advising users of Opera 3 and Opera II to leave the National Insurance Number field blank when adding a new employee with a KC NI number, and ensure that the employee's name and address details are completed in full as HMRC will be using these as employee identifiers.


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